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There's nothing like a soothing tranquil stream in the forest during autumn.  The birds sing quietly as they enjoy the light rain.

Filmed on location in Vermont.

Dark clouds and rain move in while you're all snug in your mountain cabin, ready to relax with cocoa, or take a nap.

Filmed on location in Oregon.

Take an incredible journey and enjoy the rhythmic sounds of a train as it winds its way through the snowy back country of Norway.

Filmed on location in Norway.

Fresh from snow-covered mountains, the gurgling sounds of this creek as it flows through the Oregon woods create a relaxing backdrop for your day.

Filmed on location in Oregon.


*Videos are shot on location around the world by Hollywood filmmakers capturing earth's ambient experience—from Hawaiian waterfalls to rain on the roof of a tent in the New Zealand outback.


*Videos are designed to promote relaxation while you study, meditate, relax or even sleep.


*Each video comes in a variety of audio choices from "ambient nature sounds with no music" to choices of ambient nature sounds with guitar, piano, classical or new age soundtracks. Ambient Planet is the only app that provides multiple choices of musical preference.


*Each video comes in a "daylight" and "evening" version. The "evening" version is a low-light version that's ideal for when you want to place your phone on your nightstand and drift off to sleep while listening to your favorite Ambient Planet title.  The "daylight" version is great for when you want to enjoy an ambient atmosphere while reading, studying, or just relaxing.


*Digitally mastered to provide the highest quality reproduction of live nature sounds.




a world of relaxation awaits™...

We all need to manage our stress and find ways to do so that doesn't require a prescription.


Ambient Planet provides a science-backed solution in the form of a variety of ambient nature films, shot around the world, creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere—a soothing aural spa for mind and body. Your brain will become totally immersed in the soothing rhythms of the sounds of rain, ocean waves, gentle streams, waterfalls, and more—with and without music— while clearing the thoughts of the day, focusing your mind for study, or carrying you off into a deep sleep.


Indigenous cultures have used sound therapy for centuries to promote the improvement of health and mental well-being. The Ambient Planet series of ambient nature videos have been created using guidelines from sound therapists which are designed using ambient sounds and music to lower the listener's heart rate, lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and reduce blood pressure.  According to clinical studies those persons who listen to sound therapies, like Ambient Planet each day, experience a 65% reduction in anxiety. Reduction of anxiety and stress are critical in light of recent studies that show stress from our jobs causes more deaths than diabetes, Alzheimer's, or the flu.


The AMBIENT PLANET series helps the listener reduce the nagging stress and noise of email, meetings, texts, appointments, deadlines, and the basic demands of daily life.

Ambient Planet Videos Help You Create an Ambiance for Every Need...

Want something quiet so you can sleep? Choose one of the dark screen versions of any video anytime you don't want extra light in your environment, like when you're listening to an Ambient Planet title on the phone on your nightstand.  You can also choose versions with no music, or from multiple music choices like quiet guitar, quiet piano, new age, alternative, and classical. New videos are added monthly.



What is it about rain falling on the roof of the car that creates that cozy feeling, and makes it so easy to sleep or relax? Find out with this great video.

The wind floats lazily through the palm trees while seagulls fly nearby. Idyllic, peaceful, restful.

Filmed on location in Hawaii.

This lakeside campfire shoots up sparkling embers into the night sky, as the crickets create a soothing chorus.

Filmed on location in California.

Gentle rain falls on the patio as the bird feeder moves gently in the breeze.  It's quiet, calming, and so relaxing.

Relax while light rain reaches your window and gently mixes with the sounds and rhythms of the city. Guaranteed to relax you.

Thousands of waves find their way through the wooden pier supports each day, creating their own relaxing rhythm.

Filmed on location in California.

You're all alone in the New Zealand Outback, just you, your tent, and a light rain with thunder that's blowing in across the plain.

Filmed on location in New Zeland. .

The rocky shoreline provides the perfect break for the serene and peaceful Pacific ocean waves.

Filmed on location in California.



This magnificent waterfall starts high in the mountains and works its way down into a river then a stream on its way to the ocean.

Filmed on location in Tennessee.

The gurgling of the moonlit lake, and the song of the crickets make this one peaceful location you'll never want to leave.

Filmed on location in Wisconsin.

This crisp Hawaiian spring waterfall sparkles over the lush evergreen foliage on the big island.

Filmed on location in Hawaii.

In the dense woods of Oregon, this peaceful summer stream becomes a soothing waterfall as it pools into a small lagoon.

Filmed on location in Oregon.

Didn't know snow made a sound as it falls? It does, and it's captured here in the breath-taking splendor of a Norway winter.

Filmed on location in Norway.


This luxurious waterfall cascades into an azure-blue lagoon which tropical birds sing its praises.

Filmed on location in Hawaii.

The constant rhythm of waves as they race toward the pristine shore creates a mood for relaxing.

Filmed on location in California.

The gurgling water and exotic fish swimming in this aquatic paradise are sure to lull you into a peaceful, relaxed state.

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But don't listen while driving, you'll be too relaxed and might fall asleep!

Come and indulge in the ultimate audio-visual therapy for relaxing, meditating, studying, and sleeping. Whether you watch or just listen, the Ambient Planet videos will create a soothing ambiance for when you're studying, just relaxing, meditating, or sleeping.



Grab your coffee, cocoa, or a soft blanket and snuggle up in front of this roaring fireplace.

We're in production around the world capturing the wonder of ambient nature, and are adding titles each month.  All titles come in light and dark versions depending upon the time of day you choose to view them, and come with your choice of just the sounds of ambient nature with no music, or your choice of a variety of music tracks created especially for Ambient Planet.

More titles are in production for this category. Coming soon!

More titles are in production for this category. Coming soon!

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Watch online.... *Subscriptions are 99¢ per month per platform. Subscriptions auto-renew monthly until they are canceled. Watch on TV... AMBIENT PLANET™
Watch online.... *Subscriptions are 99¢ per month per platform. Subscriptions auto-renew monthly until they are canceled. Watch on TV... AMBIENT PLANET™
Watch online.... *Subscriptions are 99¢ per month per platform. Subscriptions auto-renew monthly until they are canceled. Watch on TV...